In order to comply with the Government’s Transparency Code, smaller councils ie with a turnover of less than £25,000, should publish the following information: all items of expenditure over £100, the end of year accounts, the Annual Governance Statement, the Internal Audit Report, the details of assets owned by the Council. Please note that the minutes and agendas of all meetings are on another page of this website.

HPC Actual vs Budget Sept 2018 TWO

Actual vs Budget 16th July 2018

Actual vs Budget May 2018

Arrow Accounting Internal Audit Report 2017 18

HPC Financial Statement year to 31.03.2018

Bank reconciliations 2017 -18

Analysis of variances 2017 18

Section 2 Accounting Statements 2017 18 page 6

Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2017 18 page 5

Annual Internal Audit Report 2017 18 page 4

Certificate of exemption 2017-18

Actual vs Budget 18th March 2018

Asset register 2018

Actual vs Budget January 2018

Actual vs Budget November 2017

Actual vs Budget September 2017

Annual Return March 2017

Internal Audit Report – Harpsden 2016-17

Explanation of Significant Variances 2017

HPC Financial Statement 2016 – 17

Asset register 2017

Actual vs Budget July 2017

Actual vs Budget May 2017

Actual vs Budget March 20th 2017












Actual vs Budget March 2016

Actual vs Budget January 2016

Actual vs Budget November 2015

Actual vs Budget September 2015

Actual vs Budget July 2015

Actual vs Budget May 2015

Actual vs Budget March 2015

HPC Financial Statement 2014-15


Internal Audit Report year ending March 2015

Asset register 2015

Annual Return March 2015

2018 09 Minutes HPC

Minutes 16th JulyHPC Minutes 2018 November 19th FINAL 2018

HPC Agenda 16th July 2018

HPC Minutes 21st May 2018

HPC Agenda 21st May 2018

HPC APM MInutes 25th April 2018 final

HPC APM Agenda 25th April 2018

HPC Minutes 19th March 2018

HPC Agenda 19th March 2018

HPC Minutes 15th January 2018

HPC Agenda 15th January 2018

HPC Minutes 20th November 2017

HPC Agenda 20th November 2017

HPC Minutes 23rd October 2017

HPC Agenda 23rd October 2017

HPC Minutes 18th September 2017

HPC Agenda 18th September 2017

HPC Minutes 17th July 2017

HPC Agenda 17th July 2017

HPC Minutes 15th May 2017 final

HPC AGM Agenda 15th May 2017

HPC APM Minutes 4th April 2017

HPC APM Agenda 4th April 2017

HPC Minutes 20th March 2017

HPC Agenda 20th March 2017

HPC Minutes 16th January 2017






HPC Minutes 18th July 2016

HPC Agenda 18th July 2016

HPC Minutes 16th May 2016

HPC AGM Agenda 16th May 2016

HPC APM Minutes 13th April 2016

HPC APM Agenda 13th April 2016

HPC Minutes 21st March 2016

HPC Agenda 21st March 2016

HPC Minutes 25th January 2016

HPC Agenda 25th January 2016

HPC Minutes 30th November 2015

HPC Agenda 16th November 2015

HPC Minutes 28th September 2015

HPC Agenda 28th September 2015

HPC Minutes 20th July 2015

HPC Agenda 20th July 2015


HPC AGM Agenda 18th May 2015

HPC APM Minutes 22nd April 2015

HPC APM Agenda 22nd April 2015

HPC Minutes 9th March 2015

HPC Agenda 9th March 2015

HPC Minutes 19th January 2015

HPC Agenda 19th January 2015

HPC Minutes 17th November 2014

HPC Agenda 17th November 2014

HPC Minutes 15th September 2014

HPC Agenda 15th September 2014

HPC Minutes 28th July 2014

HPC Agenda 28th July 2014

HPC Minutes 19th May 2014

HPC AGM Agenda 19th May 2014

HPC APM Minutes 30th April 2014

HPC APM Agenda 30th April 2014

HPC Minutes 17th March 2014

HPC Agenda 17th March 2014

HPC Minutes 20th January 2014

HPC Agenda 20th January 2014

HPC Minutes 18th November 2013

HPC Agenda 18th November 2013

HPC Minutes 16th September 2013

HPC Agenda 16th September 2013

HPC Minutes 15th July 2013

HPC Agenda 15th July 2013

Minutes 24th June 2013

HPC Agenda 24th June 2013

HPC APM Minutes 17th April 2013

Minutes 18th March 2013

HPC Agenda 18th March 2013

Minutes 19th November 2012

HPC Agenda 19th November 2012

Minutes 16th July 2012

HPC Agenda 16th July 2012

Minutes 18th June 2012

HPC Agenda 18th June 2012

HPC Minutes 19th March 2012

HPC Agenda 19th March 2012

Minutes 16th January 2012

HPC Agenda 16th January 2012