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Agenda for Meeting 17 January 2022

HPC Agenda 2022 01 17





to be held at Harpsden Parish Hall

at 7.45pm

on Monday 17th January 2022




  1. Welcomes and apologies


  1. Declarations of pecuniary interests and/or requests for dispensations from Members regarding any item on this agenda


  1. To approve the minutes of last Council Meeting on Monday 15th November 2021.


  1. To receive the Oxfordshire County Councillor’s Report


  1. To receive the South Oxfordshire District Councillor’s Report



  1. Planning Matters: Attached Report HPC/P/0122

6.1    To review SODC Planning Decisions since the previous meeting

6.2    To consider for comment all new Planning Applications

6.3    To briefly note all Outstanding Planning Applications and Appeals



  1. Financial Matters:

7.1    To consider and approve the Financial Report containing all Bank balances and reconciliations as previously circulated by Clerk. HPC/F/0118/A

7.2     To approve the Schedule of Payments as previously circulated by the Clerk. HPC/F/0118/B

7.3.    To approve the new budget for the year HPC/F/0118/C

7.4    As related to the budget to agree to request a Precept of 10,000 for the coming year.

7.5.    To review the Clerk’s salary

7.6    To discuss payment to Henley Town Council from CIL monies re the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan


  1. To review and adoption of the Financial Regulations as previously circulated by the Clerk. HPC/FR/0118


  1. Approval of Asset Register as previously circulated by the Clerk HPC/AR/0118


  1. Dates of next meeting:

Council Meeting 21st March       2022 7.45pm

Annual Parish Meeting  April     2022 date & time to be decided

Council Meeting 16th May.         2022 7.45pm

Council Meeting 18th July.          2022 7.45pm

Council Meeting 19th September 2022 7.45pm

Council Meeting 21st November 2022 7.45pm



Open Forum:  Electors are welcome at the Meeting and can raise any matters of concern during a period of some 15 minutes.



For more information, please contact the Clerk to the Council:

Anne Marie Scanlon, 10 Horse Leys, Henley on Thames, Oxon RG9 4BQ

Tel: 0787 921 0633 Email:clerk@harpsdenparishcouncil.co.uk