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48 Hours Left to Have Your Say

There are two days left for residents and people working in South Oxfordshire to have their say on what’s most important for the council to focus on for the district over the next few years.
Councillors have proposed a set of priority themes for the council and are calling upon those that live and work in the district to let them know what they think through an online consultation.
The survey was launched last month and will run until midnight on Thursday 13 August. The council doesn’t just want residents to focus on the here and now but is looking for feedback on the council’s priorities over the next four years, particularly in the context of the climate emergency and the post-COVID-19 recovery process.
The responses gathered will help councillors finalise their mission statement, known as a Corporate Plan, which will enable them to focus the council’s work on what they and those living and working in South Oxfordshire believe will make the district a better place for businesses, for families and for future generations.
Councillors have identified six main themes for what they feel are the most important areas they need to focus on. They would like to know how residents feel about these themes. The main areas that residents will be asked to comment on are:

*   Theme 1: Homes and infrastructure that meet local needs
*   Theme 2: Improved economic and community wellbeing
*   Theme 3: Action on the Climate Emergency
*   Theme 4: Protect and restore our natural world
*   Theme 5: Investment and innovation that rebuilds our financial viability
*   Theme 6: Openness and accountability

Councillors wanted to make sure that everyone was able to have their say across the districts and so the Corporate Plan for South Oxfordshire is available in Easy Read<https://easy-read-online.co.uk/erdocs/south-oxfordshire-district-council-and-vale-of-white-horse-district-council/>. Easy Read is a way of translating difficult information and making it easy to understand.
Cllr Sue Cooper, Leader of South Oxfordshire District Council said: “So far we have had a great response to the survey, but we want to make sure we hear from as many people as possible. Covid-19 has changed the way many of us view things and our priorities for ourselves and those around us. This is a good opportunity for us all to adapt and change. What matters to our residents matters to us. We want to make sure South Oxfordshire is the district our residents want it to be.”