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Covid-19. Sport England support for sports clubs

Sport England have announced a funding scheme to support sports clubs who are struggling at this difficult time.  They have £195 million to support clubs and organisations in different way now and after the restrictions are lifted.

*   Clubs can apply for between £300 – £10,000 to support them from financial hardship or who are ceasing operation and have a role to get the nation more active.  The fund is open from now until the end of July 2020, (although they have said they will revisit this and possibly extend it).

*   There is also £5,000,000 support for organisations who are already funded by Sport England.

*   A further £55,000,000 has been put aside to support organisations who are getting people more active during this difficult time, through finding new and innovative ways of keeping people active.  It will also help organisations once the restrictions are over get back to business.

*   The remaining funding is for existing partners to ensure continuity of services and security.

For more information on what could be available please visit: