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Deep Cleanse 12th – 14th July

SODC will be doing a ‘Deep Cleanse’ in the Parish from 12th – 14th July.

This will include litter picking, sweeping and removing weeds or moss on pavements. This applies only to land where the public are permitted access and is under the direct control of the district council.

SODC would like to hear if there is anywhere in particular that you would like to be cleaned.

Please email the Clerk clerk@harpsdenparishcouncil.org.uk about any such areas by Monday 9/6/22 and SODC will do their best to accommodate requests where possible.

Please note, it is not possible to guarantee that Biffa will be able to complete all the requests when visiting as it very much depends on how much work is required on each road, for example digging out weeds and detritus will take much longer than sweeping litter. Once the allocated time is at an end, the cleansing crew will move on to their next area and will not be able to return to complete the work should this not be completed in the allocated time.