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Emergency road closures – second notice

Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice – S14 Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

Emergency Road Closure – flooding across various locations in Oxfordshire

NOTE: Latest amendments and additions to the Emergency Road Closures in Oxfordshire – as 8th January 2014

Oxfordshire County Council is currently dealing with many roads that are subject to severe flooding, and a number have had to be closed at short notice.

A temporary notice is being made to cover the legal aspects of the emergency closures and will operate forthwith until advised further. Please note that notices for emergencies can last up to 21 consecutive days. The notice is attached for your reference, and the locations of the closures are on the second page.

T2044 Section 14(2) EMERGENCY Notice flooding across the County 2

Further information regarding flooding may be obtained by contacting highway enquiries

on 0845 310 11 11

by email to Highway.Enquiries@Oxfordshire.gov.uk

or on-line at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/flooding