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Flood Response Update – Monday 6th January

Flood Response Update – Monday 6th January

Water levels continue to rise in Oxfordshire with additional flood warnings having been imposed this afternoon on the River Thames in Abingdon and West Oxford.

The county council will be operating a single number – 0808 168 5082 – for flooding related calls from the public with extended staffing until 10pm, and after 10pm, recorded message  which will advise people that “if they are in a life threatening situation then please hang up and dial the emergency services on 999, if it is a non urgent call then please call the emergency service on 101. Our website will be updated throughout the night with the latest updates as they become available. if you are concerned about a vulnerable person with a social care need with an issue that cannot wait until normal office hours please call the emergency duty team on 0800 833 408”

Road closures linked to flooding in Oxfordshire are being continuously updated here. The Abingdon Road in Oxford was closed to traffic in mid-afternoon.

In West Oxfordshire, road access to the Bablock Hythe caravan park is flooded and firefighters have been assisting residents.

In Oxford, a small number of properties have flooded in Earl Street and agencies are closely monitoring the situation on several residential roads in West Oxford and South Oxford around the Botley and Abingdon Roads. Binsey Lane and Ferry Hinksey Road are closed.

In Cherwell, parts of Spiceball Car Park have flooded and a small number of properties in Dog Close, Abingdon

In South and Vale, the Kennington flood barrier is to be erected by the district council at 19:00. Flooding has affected several roads in South Hinksey including the link road from the A34.

The council has delivered more than 1,000 sandbags to locations including the Abingdon Road, Oxford; South Hinksey Village; Dorchester on Thames; Dog Close, Adderbury; South Oxfordshire District Council’s offices at Crowmarsh; King’s Road Car Park, Henley.

Met Office forecast:

2 days of sunshine & showers -5-10mm over next 24 hrs. Have seen 5-10mm over past 24 hrs.

Wed – fine start, rain moving across the area 5-15mm. Thursday & Friday generally clearer into Saturday. Improving as week progresses.

Tactical objectives:

·         Support residents to prepare and respond to flooding

·         Provide timely and accurate advice

·         Identify locations of concern and take timely action

·         Anticipate (as far as possible) locations and issues for attention and put plans in place to respond.

Issues being addressed:

·         Identification of vulnerable clients and care establishments at risk of flooding; liaison with contractors

·         One number for contacting OCC services and communication requirements

·         Liaison with and support to District Council

·         Supply of sandbags and issues relating to road closures

·         Current and potential impacts of flooding