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Macmillan Volunteers

Macmillan are looking for volunteers.

“People tell us they need practical and emotional support during their cancer journey and they want help locally. Our team of volunteers in Oxfordshire support people with cancer with practical tasks around the home and provide a listening ear.
We’re looking for new volunteers to join the team. Make your time matter by supporting people with cancer in Oxfordshire. To apply, go to https://volunteering.macmillan.org.uk/Opportunity/Details/5985 

We know how hard it is to cope with the physical, practical and emotional effects of cancer. It can leave you feeling isolated and sometimes unable to perform essential tasks. Coping can be especially difficult if you don’t have family or friends close by or if you worry that you are asking for too much support from the same people over and over again. But Macmillan’s trained volunteers can give you a helping hand. Macmillan volunteers can support you for up to 12 weeks with things like light gardening or housework, shopping, going out for a walk or for a coffee, having a chat and/or referring you to other relevant support services.”

Call 01904 756402 or email oxreferrals@macmillan.org.uk to get support from Macmillan volunteers or to find out more