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Message about Homes for Ukraine Scheme


We thought it would be helpful to share the information we know at this point in time on the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme<https://homesforukraine.campaign.gov.uk/>, which we are collectively supporting as part of a joint system-wide team across Oxfordshire.

Please find attached a slide deck that outlines what we know currently about the scheme and the process for how we will respond. It also includes the structure that has been put in place as part of our joint team and the overarching responsibilities that lie within a number of focused sub-groups.

We recognise both the importance and enthusiasm shared by councillors, officers and members of the public to act quickly in our response. We hope these slides provide more insight into the fantastic work that is already underway for us to do this together. However, it is important to also recognise that while we will be activating our plans imminently, the scheme is happening at pace and the guidance and requirements for local authorities is developing all the time so our approach and processes will evolve and improve as we get more detailed information from government.

We will stay in touch and keep sharing what we know when we know it.