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A Message from Harpsden Parish Church

Your Parish Church Needs your Help-Will you become a Friend of St. Margaret`s ?

We hope you agree that a well-maintained and thriving church is an asset to our village even if you are not a church goer yourself. Harpsden Parish Church-St. Margaret of Antioch- like all old buildings needs significant expenditure to maintain the internal and external fabric as well as coping with the unexpected need for a new boiler or a leaking roof. We are also of course responsible for the upkeep of Harpsden Cemetery which may be the final destination of many of us one day !

If you would like to help us preserve these communal assets we invite you to become a Friend to St. Margaret`s by joining our Parish Giving Scheme whereby you authorise a monthly Direct Debit from your bank on which the Gift Aid (if you agree it as a UK tax-payer) is automatically credited to our account along with the donated amount. If you would like more information,  and to receive the appropriate Form, please contact Paul Barrett, our Gift Aid Secretary on 01491 578051 or at paulandmarybarrett@tiscali.co.uk.

Thank you for your Friendship ! It means a lot to us