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New Councillors on Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board

Following on from the district and parish elections last month, four new councillors joined the nominated Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board.

New Leader, Cllr Sue Cooper and Cllr David Rouane, standing in for Cllr Peter-Paul Barker from South Oxfordshire District Council attended with Cllr Judy Roberts from Vale of White Horse District Council.  Cllr Mocky Khan, as new Leader for Didcot Town Council, also joined the advisory board.

During the meeting, the garden town team provided an update on the projects that they have been working on since the last meeting and how they are setting out over 60 projects, including surveys on cycling paths and a parking strategy, into near, medium and long-term schemes, depending on their progress and funding.

The advisory board and governance structures are expected to be discussed at both district councils’ Cabinet meetings next month and if approved, the advisory board will have its operating guidelines confirmed.

If the councils’ Cabinets approve the structure, the three sounding boards will be formed made up from parish councils, business representatives, and community groups and interested parties.  Each group will help provide ideas and valuable feedback on specific projects in and around the garden town area before formal plans, consultations and approvals are gained.

Cllr Judy Heathcoat, Deputy Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, who chaired the meeting, in Chairman Cllr Ian Hudspeth’s absence, said, “We welcome the new members to the advisory board and together we look forward to building on the foundations already set out for the future of Didcot and its surrounding villages.”