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An Open Letter from Cllr Sue Cooper to South Oxfordshire residents and businesse

Dear Resident
The deadline for the UK to leave the EU has changed, but the country continues to prepare for this event.
I am writing to you allon behalf of South Oxfordshire District Councilaboutissues related to Brexit -in particular we want to make sure affected EU nationals from countries outside the
UK who live in our districtknow what they need to do to protect their rights to remain in thecountry.
The new deadline to leave the EU is 31 January 2020 at the latest, but it’s still not clear
exactly when we will leave or how we will leave, especiallynowhere will bea general
election in December. We sharemany of ourresidents’ frustrations about this uncertainty,
particularly over the future immigration status ofaffectedEU nationals.
If youlive in the UK butare acitizen of anotherEUcountry,it’s very important you knowwhat you need to do to be able to stay here afterweleave the EU.
You might need to apply to the government for “settled” or “pre-settled status” in the UK–
if you do not do this as soon as possible, you might not beable to stay in the UKin the long term.  We have put lots of information on our website to help, including links to the right pages on the government’s website. You can find this at www.southoxon.gov.uk/brexit
If you don’t have access to the right kind of smartphone or tablet to verify your identification
documents, you can do this at the libraries in Didcot, Henley, Thame and Wallingford
Like all of our residents, you makean important contribution to our district and our
communities–you are most welcome in South Oxfordshire and you have the Council’s continued support.

I also want to reassure all our residents that Council officers are working hard on Brexit

preparationsto make sureour services are not affected.The Council also remains committed to supporting our local economy andwe are here to advise or guide any local businesses that could be affected by Brexit.
There’s lots ofinformation, guidance and supportonourdedicated South and Vale Business

Support website at www.svbs.co.uk