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Oxfordshire Residents’ Petition on Housing Proposal

A message from Oxfordshire residents objecting to the plans of the Oxfordshire Growth Board.

“Do you want 100,000 new houses and a new motorway in our Oxfordshire landscape?

Your District Councillors think you do.

Our local authorities want to build 100,000 new homes in Oxfordshire by 2031 – there are currently 268,000. This represents a massive 40% increase.

The September 18th report by the Office of National Statistics shows we only need 23,000 new homes in the county by 2031 to support anticipated organic population growth.

A plan to substantially increase the population of Oxfordshire is being developed by a committee called The Oxfordshire Growth Board, which comprises all District Councils and the City Council, with the aim of delivering enhanced economic growth. This is a choice and is NOT necessary for the residents of Oxfordshire to continue to prosper within the boundaries of the existing landscape and organic population growth. We already have a successful local economy.

The impact of this plan will be :

  • Replacement of our countryside with an urban sprawl of houses, business parks and new roads.
  • Increased traffic congestion, associated air pollution and noise.
  • Further pressure on already stretched public services including schools, hospitals, GP’s & social care.
  • Loss of wildlife habitats.
  • Increased flood risks.
  • Potential for Infrastructure to fail – eg, water supplies, sewage systems, roads.
  • Constant building disruption for years.

The impacts will be even greater if the government plan to transform the Oxford to Cambridge corridor goes ahead as it has the aspiration for a million new homes.

If, like us, you don’t want this, please sign this petition


…and write to your District and County Councillors asking them to withdraw their support from The Oxfordshire Growth Board.

Please share the above information urgently with your network to garner as much support as possible.

To learn more:

–           Visit the Oxfordshire Growth Board website          https://www.oxfordshiregrowthboard.org/

–          Read this article https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/aug/22/project-britain-debate-oxford-cambridge-expressway

If you want to get involved please contact us at ROEGP@outlook.com