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Public Conservation Area Consultation

What is a conservation area?
The town’s conservation area is the designated area of special architectural or historic interest which exists to protect the features and characteristics that make Henley a historic, unique and distinctive place.

Why are we reviewing the conservation area?
It is a requirement that all councils coordinate and publish appraisals for the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas and that these proposals are reviewed from time to time.

We last reviewed the Henley conservation area in 2004. As part of their recently reviewed neighbourhood plan, Henley Town Council commissioned Purcell, a consultant, to prepare this latest conservation area appraisal document. We have a statutory duty to consult the public on this new document before it is adopted.

Have your say as part of our review process
As part of the review process, we are now inviting comments on the proposed changes to the Henley Conservation Area Appraisal document.

You can find out more information about the review on our website.

How to comment
We are inviting your comments on the proposed changes during an eight-week consultation period which runs from Wednesday 30 March until Wednesday 25 May 2022, 11.59pm.

 public link to the survey.

What happens next
After the consultation period ends, we will consider your comments and make appropriate changes to the draft document and boundary revision before we proceed to adopt it via the council’s cabinet process. Once adopted, we will publish the cabinet report, new conservation area appraisal document and adopted revised boundary on our website.