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South Chiltern Path Maintenance Update

See below for a link to the South Chilterns Path Maintenance Volunteers Annual Report (2019).

Volunteer Liz Carr advised the following for parishioners.

If they see an issue with a path and know the landowner to advise them.  It
is the landowner who either has to manage the situation or to give
permission for the path maintenance volunteers to be involved.

Currently the OCC CAMS system is very out of date, hence reports of any
footpath issues are best coming straight to ourselves as agreed between our
Area Secretaries and OCC.

We are awaiting a decision re the footpath at Highlands, one of our members
is in close contact with the developers.

We’re looking out for the detailed proposals on the Wyevale site.

We were pleased to see that the Thames Farm proposals included pedestrian
access to Harpsden 2 so connecting with the PROW network as well as other
pedestrian access points to the road footways.

Please email the Parish Clerk clerk@harpsdenparishcouncil.org.uk and the information will be forwarded to Mrs Carr.


SCPMV Annual Report 2019